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Tree Scattering Script in Maya

This project I used python to write a tree scattering script, the low-poly style tree models are also made in Python. Users only need to click on the screen, different trees and other props will generate automatically.


Turtle Quilt

Inspired by geometric abstract art. This image use python to create.

This is an exercise of procedural modeling and animation in maya python. 

Users can customize the size and number of balls, and the script will generate objects and animation automatically.

This is a short demo of procedural modeling in maya python. This module creates one mushroom model and adds shaders and textures procedurally.
- It has one function that can move points randomly.
- This program have two main parts, part A is for creating the top and the umbrella, part B is to create the body, skirt and little spikes.   


This project is about programming shading in Maya Arnold. I used python in Maya to create the script of the whole shading node network. Also in this work I used OSL to create the noise pattern.


This is the procedural shading work of making a coffee cup with dirty stains in Maya Arnold. Like the screenshot showed below, I mainly used Cell Noise, Perlin Noise to create the stains, then I used aiLayerShader to mix two different surfaces.

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