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Light Bulb

This project is to create the destruction of light bulb, involving RBD, Pyro & Vellum modules.

Plant Growth

Procedural plant growth effects based on Kine FX module in Houdini.

Particle Disintegration

This project is about making one particle disintegration special effect in Houdini.

Elevator Conveyor Belt

This is about recreating an automatic elevator conveyor belt and a carton that can never be transported up.

Involves procedural animation, xyzdist & primUV vex function in Houdini, and RBD simulation module.

This scene was inspired by an installation art work named ”Futile Ascent” by Bao Rong.

TV screen smashing

This project is about creating one destruction effect of tv screen, basically using RBD/Pyro/Debris DOP in Houdini. 

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