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Haze Metropolis

MistEdge City: Gateway to the Future

The camera startes from above the city, MistEdge City emerges veiled in a thin mist, exuding an air of mystery. Its streets are lined with towering skyscrapers and a bridge through the haze, faintly reflecting the ambient light. This city leads people toward a wondrous sensation of the future, brimming with the potential for exploration and the unknown.

The second scene will feature terrain as a foreground, while the distant city and dense fog gradually come into view as the camera zooms in.Faintly revealing the city surrounded by mountains in the mist. Regardless of how time and technology advance, nature, mountains, and rivers remain steadfast.

In the final shot, the mist gradually dissipates, revealing the original appearance of this modern city.

reference board


OLD version layout

Technical Pipeline

1. Procedural Modeling/OSM DATA - Houdini

2. OSM DATA - Houdini

3. Scatter & Set Dressing - Houdini

4. Lighting & Rendering - Houdini

5. Compositing - Nuke

6. DMP - Nuke

Building style Research & Modeling


Structural Expressionism




Week1 - Week3 Building Generator

Building template
Using houdini procedural workflow to create some of the buildings in the scene.
Plan for week2: 
- finish two more buildings template 
- HDA setting and scattering test
Simple Scattering 
Did a quick test with OSM DATA and scattering in the front of view.

HDA_Setting with customized parameters


adding details on the windows

different shapes of buildings


random windows set-up


Using for-each loop to set random values of buildings and scattered them on the block street. The building will be automatically generated by the customized block shape.


Week3-4 Building Scatter & Look Dev


quick scatter & render test

scatter progress 40%

import osm data and use "for each loop"

to generate different random buildings

Week5 Layout & Camera Modification

new version layout

new version layout with single frame render test:

- adding fog

- changing layout and camera

- changing music

Week6 Fog & Render Test

- render test

- adding camera motion blur

- modify several buildings shape

- adding fog and set volume shader

- modifying the light

- set some building sets as "proxy" for render optimization

week 6 plan:

- finish shot2 (render all frames and do the compositing and DMP test)

- shot 3 raw rendering

Week6 Progress

- finish shot 2 renders

- compositing & matte painting

week 7 plan:

- refine shot 2

- finish shot 3 raw rendering

- compositing test for shot 3

week 8 plan:

- refine shot 3

- start building terrain close-up assets for shot1 (including modeling & look dev)

Week7 WIP  & Shot3

Shot2 Breakdown

Procedural Building & OSM Breakdown 


OSM DATA Import and Optimization node network


Week 7 Progress:

- Shot2 & Shot2 Breakdown production

- Procedural building breakdown

- Shot3 prodution

Week8 Shot3 & Shot1

Shot 3 Progress

Week 8 Progress:

- finish the breakdown and edit them into the video 

- finish shot 3 rendering

- finish shot 3 compositing 

- start shot 1 production (start building terrain close-up assets for shot1, terrain, scattering, look dev...)

- refine camera angle of shot 1

Week9 Shot1

RAW render of shot1


WIP - Nuke Script

Week 9 Progress:

- finish look dev, scattering

- finish rendering of shot1

- plan to start final comp & dmp work

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